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Terms of cooperation

Supplier requirements

  • We aim to build long-term partnerships with our suppliers.
  • We expect our suppliers to provide proof of adequate financial stability and to implement a functioning risk management system that guarantees a very high level of supply security. 
  • We expect competitive prices and continuous improvements in cost structures and efficiency.
  • We expect the introduction of new products to be a quick, well-structured and secure process.
  • We like working with suppliers whose values and strategies correspond to our own – suppliers who want to work closely with us and build up long-term partnerships.
  • We ask a lot of our suppliers in terms of technology and innovation, so we look for suppliers who are technical leaders in their fields.
  • We therefore ask our suppliers to implement a quality management system that meets the requirements of the international standards or higher.

Department of foreign economic activity

The tasks of the Department of Foreign Economic Activity include planning, organizing and coordinating foreign economic activity in the company, as well as ensuring fulfillment of obligations to foreign partners, preparing imported goods for customs clearance.

The Department of Foreign Economic Activity interacts with all services and departments of the company. The coordination of this interaction lies with the employees of the Department.


The structure of the Department of Foreign Economic Activity includes several areas of activity:

Declaring and customs clearance of goods

One of the main activities of the Department. Our experts are engaged in the preparation of a package of documents for the customs clearance of imported goods.

Translation activities

In view of the large turnover of documentation in a foreign language, as well as for a more complete understanding with foreign partners, our employees speak English and Chinese.

Establishing and maintaining partnerships with companies in other countries

The most interesting and delicate area of activity of the Department of Foreign Economic Activity is cooperation with foreign companies. In addition to the existing partners, we are constantly expanding the geography of our work and are negotiating with representatives of China, Japan, Turkey and some European countries. Competencies in knowledge of linguistic features and traditions, the ability to negotiate are indispensable qualities of specialists involved in this activity.

Transport logistics

The Department of Foreign Economic Activities largely interacts with shipping companies that carry out preparation of documents, transportation of goods and make a schedule for their dispatch. Our specialists are engaged in the selection of foreign carriers, as well as in the preparation of documents: for cargo insurance, certificates, instructions, invoices, consignment notes, packing lists, etc.

Dealing with contracts

Drafting an international contract requires an understanding of many conditions and nuances: who is responsible for the risk of accidental loss of goods in transit, whether goods are insured during international transportation, what is included in the delivery price, whether there are warranty obligations, etc. As of 2009, the preparation of international contracts is carried out by our specialists independently. It is compiled in two languages, taking into account the regulations of international and Russian law. Employees of the Department of Foreign Economic Activities also exercise full control over the execution of contracts: validity periods, timely payment, etc.

For suppliers

Each supplier is valuable to our company, so our team strives to choose an individual approach to each one. For all the details of cooperation, please contact us by any convenient means of communication:

Our main principle is transparency in relations

If any of the employees requires remuneration from you for considering the application, special conditions, or other privileges, please inform us at All partners work under the same conditions, and any promises of privileges cannot be provided, and are considered to be a fraud.